Zaanse Schans, Netherlands - LesleyBray

A typical gabled timber house in the village Zaanse Schans - with its traditional green painted houses, warehouses and windmills the Zaanse Schans gives the feeling of having stepped back into the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, however this is not an open air museum but a colourful living and working neighbourhood. The hamlet has not always existed though. Most of the buildings were re-located from other areas in the Zaanstreek in the 1960’s and 70’s as owing to urban development they were under threat of obliteration. They were safely moved to the Zaanse Schans; the exact location where in 1574 Diederik van Sonoy, a Governor in the service of William of Orange, with the aid of local people, erected entrenchments or Schans to hold back the advancing Spanish army.

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